wxgrass intro screen and location wizard completed

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wxgrass intro screen and location wizard completed

Michael Barton
wxgrass intro screen and location wizard completed I just committed the finishing touches to the wxPython GUI intro screen and location wizard.

The intro screen gives the same functions as the TclTk one (GRASS database, location, and mapset selection) and mapset creation, plus a new location wizard that Jachym and I've done, and options to rename or delete locations and mapsets.

The location wizard is a nice GUI (with a great graphic from Jachym) that walks you through location creation by any of the following methods: espg code, georeferenced file, datum selection, projection/ellipse selection, custom PROJ4 string entry, or XY location creation. After a location is created, you have the option of setting/resetting the default region extents and resolution.

This is all done within a wxPython GUI that runs native on all major platforms.

The new wxPython GUI for GRASS is currently under development and nearing completion. It can be downloaded from
It requires Python 2.4 or above and wxPython 2.8 or above.

Give it a spin.
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