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Brad Douglas
So far, I've been unable to get the new GUI up and running without
having to upgrade to a development version of the distro.  I've been
unsuccessful at building RPMs (the .spec is incomplete and convoluted).

Since I use this machine to build production RPMs of GRASS, any
suggestions for getting wxPython-2.8 usable?  I could use my laptop, but
I'd really rather not (different arch and slow nVidia graphics, but
probably my only real alternative at the moment).

Hopefully, this will change in the coming months or the new GUI is going
to be unusable for a large number of people until the situation

Brad Douglas <rez touchofmadness com>                    KB8UYR/6
Address: 37.493,-121.924 / WGS84    National Map Corps #TNMC-3785

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