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Moritz Lennert
Hi Michael,

Michael wrote:

> I'm trying out posting to the GrassGUI list and wanted to show this to you
> all. I just stumbled on to it. It is a new wxPython module aimed directly at
> drawing maps in various coordinate systems. It even has a special toolbar
> for zooming/panning.
> We should probably switch to this. If I had known about it a couple weeks
> back, it would have saved me hours of work as it has built in buffered
> drawing.
> http://www.wxpython.org/docs/api/wx.lib.floatcanvas-module.html

I have one question about this. One the above page it says:

"For Map drawing: It ignores the fact that the world is, in fact, a
sphere, so it will do strange things if you are looking at stuff near
the poles or the date line. so far I don't have a need to do that, so I
havn't bothered to add any checks for that yet."

How important is this for us ?


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