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winGrass 7 bug

Hanan Karam

Hi everyone,


I’m having trouble with in WinGrass 7 (SVN nightly winGRASS 7 experimental build downloaded on February 23 2013).  For type=’line’ on thinned raster maps of streams produced using r.watershed, it runs to completion but the output data is meaningless.  The command I used, and the output follows:



GRASS 7.0.svn> -v input=STREAMmap output=STREAMmap_vect type='line'

Extracting lines...



Building topology for vector map


Registering primitives...

11835 primitives registered

66275 vertices registered

Building areas...


0 areas built

0 isles built

Attaching islands...

Attaching centroids...


Number of nodes: 7298

Number of primitives: 11835

Number of points: 0

Number of lines: 11835

Number of boundaries: 0

Number of centroids: 0

Number of areas: 0

Number of isles: 0

Updating attributes... complete.


GRASS 7.0.svn>


GRASS_INFO_ERROR(6052,1): Unable to describe table <STREAMmap_vect>



GRASS_INFO_WARNING(6336,1): Coor file of vector map <STREAMmap_vect@HNK2> is larger than it should be (1261613 bytes excess)



Any information on this problem would be appreciated. 


Thank you,



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