what i am doing wrong?

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what i am doing wrong?

Eduardo Zenaide
hello list,

i'm trying to use this to convert minx,miny,maxx,maxy values to pixels.
what could be wrong?

            $XYp = $_REQUEST["INPUT_COORD"];
            $XYp_Array = explode(',',$XYp);
            $Xp_Array = explode(';',$XYp_Array["1"]);
            $Xp1 = $XYp_Array["0"];
            $Xp2 = $Xp_Array["0"];
            $Yp1 = $Xp_Array["1"];
            $Yp2 = $XYp_Array["2"];
            $K = $gpoMap->extent->minx - $_REQUEST["minx"];
            $Ndd = $K / $Xp1;
            $Xp_dd = $gpoMap->extent->minx / $Ndd;

i think $Ndd its the conversion factor, isn't it? so, $Xp_dd should return the correct value of minx in pixels.
or maybe i'm totally wrong. :D

Eduardo Zenaide