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vector-2.4 branch update

Schuyler Erle-2
Last night, Erik and Chris (I believe) got the VML rendering working
plausibly well. There may still be issues with it, but we no longer see
the vector rendering as a blocker for merging vector-2.4 back to trunk.

Meanwhile, I've added a Handler.Keyboard class and gotten
Control.KeyboardDefaults to work with it at last. There are some issues
with how this works (in that it steals all the key events for the entire
window), so KeyboardDefaults is actually *off* by default, and is
probably best used in an iframe, if needed.

At Christopher's urging, I've renamed the *new* Control.MouseDefaults to
Control.Navigation, and brought back the *old* MouseDefaults code, for
the sake of anyone who was subclassing MouseDefaults to get custom
behavior. However, OpenLayers.Map now uses OpenLayers.Control.Navigation
by default in the vector-2.4 branch, *rather* than MouseDefaults (as the
name would suggest). I've done something similar in creating a
Control.NavToolbar to replace the now deprecated Control.MouseToolbar.
MouseDefaults and MouseToolbar will go away sometime between now and OL

The only thing blocking the merge back to trunk at this point is the
relationship of the new vector-based Layer.WFS to the older marker-based
module of the same name. Feedback on this issue is welcome, but the
outcome will probably be something similar to the treatment of the newly
refactored controls. Anyone with thoughts about this should pipe up
pronto as I mean to get this over and done in the next day or so.


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