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v.db.rim questions

Prasanna Kumar Kondapaneni
I have a couple of questions about cmd line vs. interactive
versions of v.db.rim:

1.  Here's my little problem:
   I have a simple database with the following fields:
         name     type
        label      int
        volume     int
and other fields.  What I'd like to do is to set volume to some
value, say, 100 for all records with label = 5.

In the command line version, we can do this by making a query and
using the change command (with -l switch).  Is there a way of
doing the same thing in the menu (interactive) version?

2.  When I am using the cmd version, I can read attributes from a vector
map by using the .read_vect command with a field name, e.g.,
        .read_vect vector_map label <Enter>
It appears to me that we can't do this in the interactive version.  
Is this true?

Thanks in advance,

 -- Prasanna