unexpected behaviour in layer wise security restrictions

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unexpected behaviour in layer wise security restrictions

Dominik Gärner

Hi, I found some inconsistencies when setting up a security for single layers.


What I want is, for a specific role and workspace, to set up something like: “Hide/restrict access to all layers except of…”


With a simple set up for the “topp" workspace it would look like this:







A GetCapabilities request (and also the layer preview in the browser) for a TEST-user looks like what I’d expect: he sees only the topp.states layer from the topp workspace. But the access to it is still restricted, giving me a 404:resource not available.


Now, setting the mode=CHALLENGE, I can access topp.states. But this workaround isn’t what I want because it exposes all the layers to a getCapabilities request.


Do I misunderstood the security concept or is this a wrong behaviour of Geoserver?


Best Regards



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