test failure on master, libtool artifact

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test failure on master, libtool artifact

Greg Troxel-2
I have successfully run the tests building from the git 3.7 branch on
NetBSD 7 amd64, with pkgsrc libtool.

On master, I got a segfault in geos_unit.  On investigating, I find that
the test binary is somehow linking in geos-3.7.0.  If I install the
master build (3.8), and run geos_unit manually (without the autotools
wrapper), then it passes.

This could of course be a NetBSD/libtool issue.  But I wonder if anyone
else is seeing issues, specifically on a system with geos release 3.7
installed, when running make check under an autotools build of git

The cmake build does not appear to build geos_unit in the same place,
but I don't understand how 'make check' under cmake is supposed to work.
I do get a failure in that case too (on master; on 3.7 the cmake build
does not complete):

Test project /home/gdt/SOFTWARE/POSTGIS/geos-master/build
Start 1: test_geos_unit
1/8 Test #1: test_geos_unit ...................***Failed    0.62 sec
Start 2: test_xmltester
2/8 Test #2: test_xmltester ...................   Passed   18.28 sec
[rest is ok]
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