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Re: Correcting map projection errors 2 replies PROJ.4
Re: Promotion of PROJ 6.0.0RC4 to final release 0 replies PROJ.4
Re: cs2cs - specifying UTM zone on command line 0 replies PROJ.4
Re: PROJ RFC 1: Project Steering Committee Guidelines 1 reply PROJ.4
Re: C++ formatting rules [was Re: Use of C++] 1 reply PROJ.4
Re: PyProj API question 1 reply PROJ.4
Re: Motion: Promote PROJ 5.0.1RC1 to final release 0 replies MetaCRS Mailing List
Re: PROJ 5.0.0RC3 2 replies PROJ.4
Re: geodesic calculations on v5 2 replies PROJ.4
Re: Converting between true north, grid north, and magnetic north 0 replies PROJ.4
Re: Time for a new release? 0 replies PROJ.4