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Fwd: 2020 budget 0 replies OSGeo Incubator Committee
[pgrouting-dev] 2020 budget 0 replies pgRouting-dev
Re: [Board] Final Result on RfP 2021: FOSS4G 2021 Buenos Aires 0 replies OSGeo Conference Committee
Re: GSoc 2020 0 replies OSGeo Discuss
Re: How to allocate Travis-CI expense in the budget ? 0 replies OSGeo Board
Re: How to allocate Travis-CI expense in the budget ? 1 reply OSGeo Board
Re: My last letter as President 0 replies OSGeo Discuss
[pgrouting-dev] Applying for OSGeo incubation 0 replies pgRouting-dev
Re: [pgrouting-users] Release of pgrouting v3.0.0-rc1 0 replies pgRouting-users
[pgrouting-users] Release of pgrouting v3.0.0-rc1 1 reply pgRouting-users
Charter members on OSGeo Web page 0 replies OSGeo Discuss
[pgrouting-dev] Fwd: [TOSprint] OSGeo Code Sprint 2020 in Athens: Wiki page available 0 replies pgRouting-dev
Re: 2019 OSGeo Board of Directors election results 1 reply OSGeo Discuss
Re: 1 reply OSGeo Board
Re: [pgrouting-dev] Missing link? 1 reply OSGeo Incubator Committee
Machine translation 1 reply OSGeoLive
[pgrouting-dev] Missing link? 2 replies pgRouting-dev
funtoo donations 1 reply OSGeo System Administration Committee
Re: Motion: Create a docs only 13.1 release 6 replies OSGeoLive
Re: [OSGeo-Conf] call for volunteers - document management 2 replies OSGeo System Administration Committee
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