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Re: Calling for 7.0.1 release 0 replies PROJ.4
Re: Calling for 7.0.1 release 11 replies PROJ.4
Re: Proj 7 auto grid download 1 reply QGIS - Developer
Re: Release schedule 0 replies PROJ.4
[PROJ] PROJ 7.0.0 1 reply PROJ.4
Re: PROJ 7.0.0RC2 0 replies PROJ.4
Re: PROJ 7.0.0RC2 4 replies PROJ.4
[PROJ] Release schedule 1 reply PROJ.4
[PROJ] PROJ 7.0.0RC2 6 replies PROJ.4
Re: Disable .local in 7.0.0RC default search paths 1 reply PROJ.4
Re: Check if a definition if a cartographic projection 2 replies PROJ.4
Re: PROJ 7.0.0RC1 1 reply PROJ.4
Re: PROJ 7.0.0RC1 0 replies PROJ.4
[PROJ] PROJ 7.0.0RC1 15 replies PROJ.4
Re: Adding new projection to Proj4 0 replies PROJ.4
Re: Motion: promote PROJ 6.3.1RC1 to final release 1 reply PROJ.4
Re: Formal request to extend LTR life span to two years 0 replies QGIS-PSC
G 1 reply QGIS-PSC
Re: Releasing PROJ 6.3.1 ? 0 replies PROJ.4
Re: Releasing PROJ 6.3.1 ? 3 replies PROJ.4
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