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Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] Ermittlung effektiver Länge und Breite 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] Berechnung Seevolumen 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
[FOSSGIS-Talk] Videos vom OSGeo Day (AGIT) sind online 1 reply FOSSGIS-Talk
[FOSSGIS-Talk] Sticker, Flyer, Infomaterial 1 reply FOSSGIS-Talk
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Re: exporting QGIS maps to gps for field work 0 replies QGIS - User
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] UTM 32N oder WGS 84 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] Geopackage 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] Installation QGis 2.18 mit Windows und Photo2Shape oder Alternative 1 reply FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] QGis Photo2Shape - Fehlermeldung no modul exifread 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: Motion: That we set up an OSGeo-Live Translators email list 4 replies OSGeoLive
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] QGIS - nach Werten nummerieren 1 reply FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: MOTION: Migrate OSGeo-Live issues to another Trac instance 1 reply OSGeoLive
Re: Change IRC meeting start time to 19:30 UTC? 4 replies OSGeoLive
Re: Change IRC meeting start time to 19:30 UTC? 6 replies OSGeoLive
[pgrouting-users] pgr_withPointsDD - arguments 1 reply pgRouting-users
[pgrouting-users] withPoints functions 1 reply pgRouting-users
Re: resize fails 1 reply OSGeoLive
resize fails 3 replies OSGeoLive
Re: Translations: where do you want them for 10.5 0 replies OSGeoLive