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Re: xlink:ref not well encoded in WFS response (app schema) 3 replies GeoServer - User
xlink:ref not well encoded in WFS response (app schema) 4 replies GeoServer - User
Re: app-schema nested feature 0 replies GeoServer - Dev
Re: app-schema nested feature 2 replies GeoServer - Dev
temporal filter issues 1 reply GeoServer - User
app-schema - ClientProperty - would like to display attribute only if it has a value 0 replies GeoServer - User
app-schema nested feature 4 replies GeoServer - Dev
Re: Can I set up a CSW virtual point using filter to a group name? 0 replies GeoNetwork developer
cite tests don't compile 12 replies GeoServer - Dev
Re: Questionable compressed js files in the repo... 0 replies GeoNetwork developer
WCS getCoverage limitation ? 0 replies GeoServer - User
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