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Re: Mapbender2 Wiki komplett heruntergefahren? 0 replies mapbender-users
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] Obkjektbeschriftung aus mehreren Attributfeldern 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
[QGIS-Developer] Error while editing Oracle View without ROWID 0 replies QGIS - Developer
Error while editing Oracle View without ROWID 0 replies QGIS - User
[FOSSGIS-Talk] QGIS braucht ROWID in Oracle View zum Editieren? 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: User Administrator in mapbender 0 replies mapbender-users
User Administrator in mapbender 3 replies mapbender-users
Mapbender PSC Resignation 3 replies mapbender-dev
Re: next step: let's vote new PSC members for the Mapbender project 0 replies mapbender-dev
Re: Motion to vote for a new Mapbender Chair 1 reply mapbender-dev
Re: [FOSSGIS-Talk] Verbindung mit Access Datenbank 0 replies FOSSGIS-Talk
Re: Proposed License Simplification 0 replies mapbender-users
Re: Proposed License Simplification 2 replies mapbender-users
Re: apply for reincubation for Mapbender3 at OSGeo 1 reply mapbender-dev
Re: [MapProxy] Error: No space left on device 1 reply MapProxy
Re: : Help using wfs download ... 0 replies mapbender-users
EwogAW: Help using wfs download ... 6 replies mapbender-users
Re: Mapbender 3 Release - Version 1 reply mapbender-dev
Re: Motion to add Vadim Hermann to Mapbender PSC 3 replies mapbender-dev
Re: Installation problem "Compiling .po files..." 0 replies mapbender-users
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