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Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial North America 2013 Conference 1 reply OSGeo Discuss
Fwd: FOSS4G North America 2013 13 replies OSGeo Conference Committee
Re: FOSS4G North America 2013 0 replies OSGeo Board
FOSS4G North America 2013 3 replies OSGeo Board
Re: Sample elevation/spatio-temporal datasets? 0 replies GeoServer - Dev
Re: time precision with WMS 0 replies GeoServer - Dev
FOSS4GNA 2013 Financial Backstop 1 reply OSGeo Board
501c3 1 reply OSGeo Board
Fwd: Request for your endorsement of GIS Amicus Letter re: Sierra Club v Orange County 1 reply OSGeo Board
Re: info@osgeo.org 3 replies OSGeo Board
Board Candidate's Statement: David Bitner 0 replies OSGeo Discuss
Board Nomination -- Regina Obe 1 reply OSGeo Discuss
Re: Board training at FOSS4G? 2 replies OSGeo Board
Call to Action 0 replies OSGeo GeoData Project
Re: Geodata Research 4 replies OSGeo GeoData Project
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