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Re: Namespace support 4 replies geotools-devel
Re: Namespace support 17 replies geotools-devel
Re: OSSIM Incubation Status 0 replies OSGeo Incubator Committee
SoC Mentors and Ideas 3 replies geotools-devel
Re: controlling axis order with WFS 1.1 GetFeature 1 reply geotools-gt2-users
SoC this year 3 replies geotools-devel
Re: GSIP 33 - rest configuration module 10 replies GeoServer - Dev
Re: adding opengeo maven repository 0 replies geotools-devel
Re: Ideas for a WMS map "description" format 1 reply GeoServer - Dev
Re: GSIP 33 - rest configuration module 13 replies GeoServer - Dev
Re: Centering and formatting the text of a TextSymbolizer 14 replies geotools-gt2-users
Re: Continued discussion 0 replies geotools-devel
Re: WebMapServer Timeout 5 replies geotools-gt2-users
Re: Reminder: going to split GeoAPI in two modules 0 replies geotools-devel
Re: JMapPane improvements 1 reply geotools-devel
Re: Deprecated style methods 2 replies geotools-gt2-users
Re: Centering and formatting the text of a TextSymbolizer 16 replies geotools-gt2-users
Re: :No feature available to write" error 0 replies geotools-gt2-users
Re: Geotools modules deployment: are SNAPSHOT jars automatically deployed? What time period is adopted? 0 replies geotools-devel
Re: Licenses WIKI Page comments and supporting ImageIO-Ext in next geotools release 0 replies geotools-devel
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