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FOSS4G-Europe: Academic track deadline adjourned 0 replies OSGeo Announce
Hypothecated donations to OSGeo 0 replies OSGeo Announce
Free registration for the 3rd gvSIG festival is now open 0 replies OSGeo Announce
PROJ 5.0.0 Released 0 replies OSGeo Announce
FOSDEM 2018 - final report 0 replies OSGeo Announce
Orfeo ToolBox 6.4 is out! 0 replies OSGeo Announce
Re: [Valencia] Presentaci├│n 0 replies Valencia
Re: osgeo logo svg - empty drawing 4 replies OSGeo Discuss
Re: osgeo logo svg - empty drawing 0 replies OSGeo Discuss
Re: [Geoinquiets Barcelona] N┬║754: IA, policia, sdk, creacionisme 0 replies Barcelona
Re: Geoinquietos-Lisboa 0 replies Geoinquietos-ES
Re: Geoinquietos Murcia 1 reply Geoinquietos-ES
Fwd: OSGeoLive translation on Transifex is now fully active 0 replies OSGeo Spanish Local Chapter
Re: Geoinquietos-Lisboa 6 replies Geoinquietos-ES
Re: Geoinquietos-Lisboa 9 replies Geoinquietos-ES
Re: Geoinquietos-Lisboa 11 replies Geoinquietos-ES
Call for Volunteers for Geodata Committee 0 replies OSGeo Announce
Re: Geoinquietos-Lisboa 12 replies Geoinquietos-ES
A new gvSIG Mobile is already available. The open source mobile GIS of the Suite gvSIG. 0 replies OSGeo Announce
Happy GISDay and be prepared for PostGISDay 0 replies OSGeo Discuss
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