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statistics for TIB Videos from FOSS4G

Astrid Emde (OSGeo)

statistics FOSS4G 2016 Videos

since 01.11.2016 till today (8.10.2018) there have been 17.273 page
views which means an average of  90 views per video.

The most seen video with 955 views is: (Creating Stunning Maps in GeoServer:
mastering SLD and CSS styles von Andrea Aime)

This is not bad. Maybe not so efficient as youtube but the focus of TIB
is on sustainability and scientific standards.

TIB team is also working on shoing the statistic directly at the video
(like youtube does).

I updated the page about video publishing:

And I am in contact with the FOSS4G LOCs to bring the publishing

Greetings Astrid

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