some problem in setting GRASS64 for cygwin

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some problem in setting GRASS64 for cygwin

Dear Grass windows mailing list,
I have installed grass64 through cygwin, I am just to make all work, and I got a little problem:
In web page:, where there are the instraction how to install GRASS64 and run with startw through cygwin bash shell, to finish it, I have to make a shortcut from cygwin_grass.bat to the Desktop.

Download the GRASS icon and select it by right-clicking on the desktop shortcut and in "Preferences" click on Change Icon and Browse. But on "Download the Grass icon" does not work, can you tell me some alternative way to do it??



I wish to hear from you

Best wishes



Angelo Paone
Research Professor
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Marie Curie Fellow
PhD, MSc, BSc
Pusan Natioanl University
Department of Earth Science
30, Jangjeon-dong, Geumjeong-gu
Busan, Republic of Korea
Tel. +82-51-510-2987

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