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selection color and transparency in fusion


I am struggling a little bit with entity selection color and transparency in a fusion layout, and I was hoping that someone could provide me with a little guidance.  Using Maestro, I set the selection color of my map I checked the boxes “Single Tile” and “Selection As Overlay”.  I have observed some issues related to this, and I wasn’t sure if perhaps I might be doing it wrong, or if there is a better way to do what I am trying to accomplish.  The default behavior of this selection color appears to be slightly semi-transparent, which is great.  However, I am having a few difficulties: I cannot seem to control the amount of transparency, even if I edit the XML and adjust the hex value of the color.  I also noticed that if I un-check the box “Selection As Overlay” the color is always the default blue and no transparency is being applied.  I have also observed that the transparency only seems to apply to certain layers in my map but not all of them, though I can’t find any layer-specific controls for this.  I remember years ago there was discussion of how to control the transparency and color using the ajax viewer, but I haven’t seen any mention of how to do this in fusion.  Are there any additional xml tags that I need to know about other than those populated by Maestro?  Can anybody provide a little bit of guidance here?  Thank you.




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