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schema sensorML for geonetwork

Dear List,
We installed the optional schema sensorML for GN 2.10.2. We realized that
the sensorML schema for Geonetwork does not implement the whole SML
specifications. I just would like to give four exemples :
1. To indicate the <sml:validTime> we should normaly have the option to
chose between <gml:TimePeriod> or <gml:TimeInstant>. The geonetwork sensorML
just offers the <gml:TimeInstant> option ?.
2. Even in view mode, Geonetwork does not display the <sml:validTime> if we
have a sensorML files with <gml:TimePeriod>.
3. The links to the thesaurus in edit mode work only in the classical
interface but not in the html5 interface
4. The sensorML implementation for geonetwork uses <swe:ObservableProperty/>
as a child for <sml:input> and <sml:output>. The child for <sml:output>
should normally be <swe:Quantity> ?

It seems to me quite difficult to edit the schema. I'm interested to know if
any persons are trying to complete the implementation of sensorML for

kind regards
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