reminder about main branch and roadmap questions

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reminder about main branch and roadmap questions

I am catching up on core-geonetwork builds and branches this afternoon as I got caught out....

I would still like to understand the release planning...

Q: With 3.10.5  tag created, and release notes available, should this be marked as a release in github?

Q: The change of 3.10.x to 3.10.6-SNAPSHOT has disrupted my work - is now a good time to change to 3.10-SNAPSHOT and change to 3.11-SNAPSHOT?

Q: When 3.12.x is created is that a good time for 4.0.x to take over as main? I assume main would build 4.1-SNAPSHOT` while under development.

A reminder that the git community has transitioned to use of a `main` branch (so when `4.0.x` takes over it should move to main rather than master).
Jody Garnett

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