raster2pgsql segfaults with raster data in GRASS format

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raster2pgsql segfaults with raster data in GRASS format




raster2pgsql gives me some trouble with data in GRASS format.

I compiled GDAL 2.1dev with support for GRASS 7.0 and then PostGIS against that GDAL version and PostgreSQL 9.5 and raster2pgsql lists the GRASS format...


However, when I now try to load data from GRASS to PostGIS, raster2pgsql segfaults.

I tried wrapping the GRASS data in a vrt, whithout success.

After translating the GRASS file to GeoTiff, wich went well in GDAL, raster2pgsql imports the tif just fine.

So GDAL is not the reason and since I assigned a new NoData value in the vrt it is not related to this: https://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/ticket/828 either (there are actually no NoDada values in my grid)...


Anyone with an idea where to look for the error?




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