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r.patch from GUI not creating all files

Wes Kent

I am encountering a problem running r.patch from the Tcl/Tk Gui in GRASS 6.4.0 (RC4).  I am running the Kyngesburye build, on Mac OSX 10.5.6., and have all of the current frameworks, along with ActiveTcl version 8.5.6.  The problem is as follows:

I am trying to patch together multiple raster maps using r.patch.  After setting the region to include all of the raster files I am patching together, I attempt to run r.patch using the GUI.  I choose the necessary raster maps that I wish to patch together from my raster map list, then enter a name for the resultant raster map.  When I hit run, the command processes (the green bar fills up), but when it completes the patch, in the output window, I get an error saying GRASS is unable to find the resultant raster map in my mapset.  For example, if I were trying to patch raster maps together to create a resultant raster map called "patched_map" in a mapset called "county", this would be the error that displays in the output window after running r.patch:

Unable to find 'patched_map' in 'county'
Creating support files for raster map <patched_map>

If I list all of my raster files, the resultant raster map from r.patch (patched_map) does not appear.

Being unsuccessful running r.patch from the GUI, I decided to run it from the command line.  Here is the command that I entered:

r.patch input=map1@county,map2@county output=patched_map2

This is the same exact command (except for the slightly altered output name) that appeared at the bottom of the r.patch GUI window.  However, after running r.patch from the command line, the resultant raster map (patched_map2) does appear in my raster map list.  I therefore decided to search my filesystem to try and find instances of the resultant raster map that I tried to create using r.patch from the GUI (patched_map), and compare them to the files I have for the resultant map that I created from the command line (patched_map2).  Here is what I found:



It appears that some files for the r.patch resultant raster map were not created when running r.patch from the GUI.  There is no instance of "patched_map" in the 'cell' folder, the 'cellhd' folder, or the 'fcell' folder.  Any ideas as to why these files are not created when running r.patch from the GUI, while they are created when r.patch is run from the command line?  I am unsure if this is a GUI bug, or if there is a part of my overall GRASS build that needs to be added/updated.

Many thanks for your help, and if you need additional information or clarification, please ask.


Wes Kent

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