"Civic Maps" event thurs, 10/20, 5 pm at MIT media lab

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"Civic Maps" event thurs, 10/20, 5 pm at MIT media lab

Lisa Sweeney
This group is doing very interesting work. If you haven't seen them talk before and have time tomorrow to attend the session I'd suggest going.


Maps, Geographic Information Systems, and spatial analysis are powerful tools that
recently have become increasingly accessible to non-specialists. Dynamic maps with
user created content are becoming part of daily life in the 1/3 world (developed
countries and elites in the global South).

There is a long history of maps as tools for civic engagement, with public
participatory GIS and community engaged mapping playing key roles in
(for example) indigenous land rights struggles, mapping health disparities, and
the environmental justice movement's demonstration of the unequal spatial
distribution of pollution. Most recently, new tools and platforms like Open
Street Maps and Grassroots Mapping are democratizing maps even further.

What challenges still constrain the effective creation and use of Civic Maps? What
tools and platforms are most promising? What steps can developers, practitioners,
and researchers take to help build the field of civic mapping?

Hope to see you tomorrow at 5 PM, here at the MIT Media Lab:
Building E14, Room 633

Andrew Whitacre
Communications Manager
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(617) 324-0490
[hidden email] | http://civic.mit.edu
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