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Rich Shepard
   These two commands add the site points to the monitor display:

d.vect.thematic -l map=sites column=howmany breaks=1,20,30,40,50,60 \
colors=204:00:00,204:102:00,102:102:00,153:00:153,00:00:153,00:102:51, \
96:96:96 boundary_color=none icon=basic/octagon size=7

d.legend.vect -b at=9,50 title="Sample Size" bgcol=none symbol_size=7 \
title_fontsize=13 sub_font=none out="site-map-legend.csv" --o

   The legend is saved in a .csv file

   Reading the manual page I'm not seeing how to use these with the
vpoints and vlegends sections.

   Are there docs or examples I can use to learn how to use these two modules
to produce PDF maps from within grass?

   Would using d.vect.thematic2 make a difference? Reading that manual page I
do not see the differences from d.vect.thematic.


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