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Samin Payrosangari
Dear All,

I have installed a geonetwork 3.2 on a server on my
network (deployed with tomcat 8) and I enter the interface
using a client computer. When I harvest from another
geonetwork node , there is a problem with displaying some
of the thumbnails on my client. Actually, when I look at
the code of the webpage (using inspect on my client
computer), the link to the image file of those thumbnails
is incomplete and it does not mention the complete path to
image file ( I have looked at the metadata in the source
geonetwork node which I have harvested from, In that node
the link to thumbnails is something
and in my geonetwork it changes to volta_geology_s.png.
However when the link to images on the source node are
something like,
my geonetwork also points to this link and displays the
thumbnail) . So, I think I should change the settings in a
way that after harvesting, the link to thumbnails mentions
to complete directory adress on my server where the
thumbnails of harvested metadata are saved or maybe the
complete link to source node image file. Is there any hint
on that? how should I configure my data directory,
resource identifier prefix or any other things? my data
directory path is:


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