problem with ol.control.OverviewMap in ol v3.11

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problem with ol.control.OverviewMap in ol v3.11

Dietmar Stolz-2
Hi list,

I have a problem with ol.control.OverviewMap in the new OL version.
Since ol 3.10 it's posible to
creat an OverviewMap in a different projection than EPSG:3857.
My code:

   new ol.control.OverviewMap({tipLabel: 'overview',
   className: 'ol-overviewmap ol-custom-overviewmap',
    layers:  [
      new ol.layer.Image({
      source: new ol.source.ImageWMS({
         url: "",
        params: {'LAYERS': 'spw_web,grenzen',VERSION: '1.1.1'},
        projection: 'EPSG:31466'
    collapseLabel: '\u00AB',
    label: '\u00BB',
    collapsed: true

in Ol v3.10.x srs and bbox be requested correctly:,5654199.856311058,2599088.272780848,5688749.393095958

in OL v.3.11.x srs is ok but the BBOX extent is not calculated correctly for this srs:,5149153.080296487,3862448.9974250025,5180340.726397846

Does somebody has any idea?

Many thanks


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