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problem in adding new harvester

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Dear all,

I have a big problem in adding a new harvester.
Unfortunately I couldn't fine any up-to-date guideline for how to add a new harvester to GN. The only one which I found is the developer manual for the release 2.10.4-0. and apparently this document is not valid.
I want to add a separate OGC SOS harvester (I know that GN has already one for OGC web services) which harvest describesensors and not only getcapabilities.
I did test alot of things and these are the final steps I made:

1. I added the Java code in a package inside org.fao.geonet.kernel.harvest.harvester.ogcsos which contains and (and also
2. I added one line to haresters/src/main/resources/config-spring-geonetwork with identical bean ID = ogcsos.
3. I added the transformation stylesheet in web/src/main/webapp/xsl/xml/harvesting/ogcsos.xml. [Its name must match the string used for the harvesting type.]
4. I added the ogcsos.js and ogcsos.html in the folder web-ui/src/main/resources/catalog/templates/admin/harvest/type.

** I am working with the version 3.4.2.

What I receive is only in the harvester webpage, from the dropdown I have the name of my OGC SOS but by click on it it does not call any template. What else do I need to check?
In the old manual it refers to harvesting.xml file. Where is this file located in my GN version?
What is the harvester setting table? where can i find this?

Many thanks in advance for your advice

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