presentation to the ARDC Geospatial CoP

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presentation to the ARDC Geospatial CoP

adam steer-2
Hi all

Apologies for really late notice - on Thursday I will be talking to the Australian Research Data Commons about OSGeo Oceania and generally about open source geospatial initiatives in the region.

I had planned to recycle slides I gave at C3DIS last year

…but I think so much has changed they’re really in need of a massive refresh. with updates about the fact that we have a new organisation; the wellington conference is already done, this years conference will be in Fiji; and we’ll be calling for more members soon.

Are there any things I should *really highlight* to an audience of government and research institution folks? If so, let me know!

Feel free to respond to the list, in private, or via comments here:

(ideally I’ll wrap this into a wonderful git-hosted revealJS talk template with live maps and stuff soon-ish…)



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