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I use PostGis+MapServer and I have a problem with DD (Decimal Degrees). If I
set UNITS with DD option the map doesn't appear entirely on the screen.
In other words I inserted the following instructions:

EXTENT 12.2 41.6 12.5 41.9

and I'd like that the MapServer show the map of "Rome", but the MapServer
does't show the entirely map (I see only a piece of the map, if I want to
see the rest of the map I have to move it with the PAN function.

Even if I increase the degrees range (for example EXTENT 11.2 41.6 12.5
42.9) the map is always shown in the same way.

I'm a new MapServer and PostGis user so, excuse me if this is a stupid

Thanks in advance.

Stefano B.

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