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Paul Ramsey-2
Along the lines of using postgis as a fairly simple feature-store, I was
thinking about what the best access method would be. Most of the "web
mapping" standards envision a feature server running as an HTTP service
with a particular query/response API. The OGIS spec is about a map
server, but an obvious backend to an OGIS map server is a postgis
feature server. Does anyone know of standards for feature serving? By
feature serving, I mean a system which would take in XML-over-HTTP
posted queries and return GML-over-HTTP responses, or something very
similar. ESRI's IMS has a "feature server" mode of some kind, for
example, but is that product based (or aimed at) a standard?

(Where I think all this is leading is some kind of Apache module to take
over the business of providing a clean API to a postgresql/postgis
feature store.)

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