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[postgis] FW: Cocoon2 + postgis = mapserver?

Paul Ramsey-2
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From: Per-Olof Norén
To: [hidden email] ; [hidden email]
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 11:36 AM
Subject: Cocoon2 + postgis = mapserver?

Hello everyone on the postgis and cocoon teams!
First of, i´d like to encourage all the people involved in these two
wonderful projects.
Both has just released new versions, which makes me think of an idea
that would really rock oracles cradle ;)
The idea is to use cocoon2 with postgis to make up a mapserver.
This would require the postgis jdbc driver to support the gml() method
in order to be able to integrate it into cocoon2.
My question for the postgis team would concern the planned
implementation of the gml() method. Is it going to be soon? Is there a
plan of how it is going to be done?
My question for the cocoon team would concern the interest of the users
to start up a little project for integrating these two powerful
components. I have been thinking of a mapserver generator or a extend
SQLTransformer to form a "PostgisSQLTransformer" or the like.
For both of these projects, I´d like to help out in any way possible for
making this happen, the sooner the better ;-)
Since i have not joined the mailing-lists as of this writing, i´d like
to get answers to this adress. Carsten, could you forward this to the
cocoon-dev list?
Thanx in advance
Per-Olof Norén
Stockholm, Sweden

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