possible resolutions truncate to floating point

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possible resolutions truncate to floating point

Fernando Ribeiro
Dear list,

I am experiencing a small problem when dealing with a setup of resolutions, for wgs84 projection. At some scale levels and lower ones (<1:1000) tilecache returns this error:

"An error occurred: can't find resolution index for 0.000001. Available resolutions are:
[2.53982397892872e-05, 2.14964360164752e-05, 1.26991198946437e-05, 1.07482180082377e-05, 6.34955994732174e-06, 5.37410899961918e-06, 5.07964795785749e-06, 2.68705450430914e-06, 2.53982397892875e-06, 1.9048679841965e-06, 1.26991198946425e-06]"
Debugging tilecache, it seems resolution set in decimals are converted to floating point...doing the same maths with a spreadsheet, all seems ok.
As anyone experienced such behaviour? 
It seems my resolutions set in decimals are truncated to 6 significant numbers. Where it's stated 0.000001 should be 0.0000012699119894642500

Thank you,
Fernando Ribeiro

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