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[pgrouting-users] osm2pgrouting / understanding mapconfig.xml files

Katarina Golbang

I have a question regarding the mapconfig.xml files. I've imported Austrian streets by issuing the command:

osm2pgrouting -f austria-latest.osm -h localhost -U postgres -d catchment -W postgres --conf=/usr/share/osm2pgrouting/mapconfig_for_cars.xml

In case I want to compute pedestrian catchment areas, is it okay to pass false as the last parameter to the pgr_drivingdistance?

Currently, the usage looks like this:

pgr_drivingdistance('SELECT gid AS id, source, target, length_m / 1.3 AS cost FROM public.ways',
        pgr_pointToEdgeNode('public.ways', ST_Point($1, $2), 0.01),

1) SELECT gid AS id, source, target, length_m / 1.3 AS cost FROM public.ways

costs are minutes (length_m / pedestrian's speed = seconds)

2) limit_max is a seconds value such as 900 (=15 minutes)

3) false is the last parameter of pgr_drivingdistance (= undirected graph)

Do I need to re-import the data to get a truly pedestrian suitable network?

Thank you in advance.

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