[pgrouting-dev] Issue regarding Segmentation Fault: Signal 11

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[pgrouting-dev] Issue regarding Segmentation Fault: Signal 11

Sourabh Garg
Hi all,

I am presently working under GSoC'18, for the project titled "Implementing Bellman-ford and Parallel Dijkstra for pgrouting". I have successfully created a function named pgr_bellman_ford which works for one source to one target parameters inputs[4]. Later, I have transformed the pgr_bellman_ford function for all variants, by understanding from the existing pgr_dijkstra function in PR[1], but it is resulting in some errors[3], which I am not able to figure out. Please review my PR' s commit[2]. On debugging from Postgres logs trace in src files(.c and .cpp files), I found that it is giving segmentation fault: signal 11.(see Attached postgres_log_trace.jpg). Please help me with this issue.


Sourabh Garg

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