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[pdal] PDAL 1.8.0 Released

Howard Butler-3

The PDAL team is pleased to announce the release of PDAL 1.8.0. Major enhancements include:

* Esri I3S/SLPK read support
* Experimental Unity/FBX support (SDK required)
* RIEGL RDB reader (SDK required)
* filters.dem for adjusting point cloud values based on a raster
* filters.numpy supports direct array assignment for Python extension [1]
* Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements.

You can find full release notes at https://github.com/PDAL/PDAL/releases/tag/1.8.0 and obtain a copy from https://pdal.io/download.html. Binaries from Conda, OSGeo4W, Docker, and your favorite package distribution system are forthcoming.

Thanks for your bug reports, code contributions, and enhancements.


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