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I am trying to set up a tek4696 inkjet printer to a Sun SPARC2
To the best of my knowledge I've followed the instalation instructions through
editing the list/local file
compiling the drivers
linking the /dev files
chmod 0666 /dev/....
the ttytab file has been altered to turn getty off
the printer passes its own self test
p.select presents the expected choices
p.chart prompts to reset the plotter and hit return
everything seems to work
i get the GRASS 4.0 > prompt
but nothing happens at the printer
the same is true for p.map

any suggestions as to what i've done wrong ??
it doesn't seem to be that difficult

Tom Nelson
Ft. Worth Texas

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Re: p.map p.chart

Christine Weiss-2

I too had quite a bit of trouble setting up a tek4696.  One thing that
helped to get it going was a null modem adaptor connected to my serial
port.  I have mine connected to a Sparc IPC.  I'm sure everything would
be the same as a Sparc2.  If you'd like to give me a call to check all
your files against mine, feel free.Good Luck,
Christine Weiss
[hidden email]