overview map w/ Bing layer not working

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overview map w/ Bing layer not working

I've read some of the other posts but it's not clear whether others have been able to get an overview map with Bing layers to work (or not).  I get a blue oview map, even when using the same map options as my base map and even when using a cloned layer of my main map's base layer (index '0').  I noticed that after I clone it my cloned layer has a class of "OpenLayers.Layer" but my map's base layer has the class "OpenLayers.Layer.VirtualEarth".  Not sure if it matters, but I also change the main map's extent only after adding the overview map control, as all the examples do.

        var oviewLyr = map.layers[0].clone();
        oviewLyr.name = "overview";
        var oviewOpts = OpenLayers.Util.extend(mapOptions, {
            'layers': [oviewLyr]
        var oviewMap = new OpenLayers.Control.OverviewMap(oviewOpts);
        . . .
        map.zoomToExtent(initialExtent, true);

The red-dotted square encompasses the entire oview map frame (i.e. it's not a tiny red square as was recognized in other posts).  If I try dragging within the oview map, my main map onmovestart and onmoveend events fire, but the map doesn't move.

If I set overview map options with a 'layers' of [ sm.map.layers[0] ] instead of [oviewLyr], then I see one tile of my main map's base layer, but my main map is then blank.

The mapOptions for the main map had a bunch of controls set, but I disabled them in the oview map, i.e. :
        var oviewOpts = OpenLayers.Util.extend(mapOptions, {
            'layers': [oviewLyr],
            'controls': []

Any thoughts?