[osgeo-ph] New Module of the MOOC Cycle “gvSIG for users”: Raster Analysis

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[osgeo-ph] New Module of the MOOC Cycle “gvSIG for users”: Raster Analysis

Mario Carrera-3

Hi all,

it is now possible to enrol on the Module “Raster Analysis” [1], the
third and last one in the frame of the MOOC Cycle “gvSIG for users” on
gvSIG Training [2].

The training material will be published starting from the 23rd of
November: every Monday the three videos, dealing with one of the four
scheduled main topics, will be loaded making thus the full Module
completely published on the 14th of December 2015.

As the previouscover_raster_analysis ones, “Introduction to gvSIG” and
“Layer Editing”, also this module will be entirely available for
everyone wishing to improve their skill on several GIS components.

Participants will be able to download all the video tutorials, or watch
them online through a YouTube channel, without any limitations in time
because videos will remain available after being loaded.

Participants have two options in enrol procedure:
     – free: this level allows registered users to watch the video
tutorials and download the data that have been used for the videos,
interact with other participants on MOOC public forums;
     – paying: this level allows participants to receive benefits
described in the MOOC module paragraph How to obtain the official “gvSIG
User Certificate”.

We really hope you will appreciate this module and please stay tuned
because many important news and update have been scheduled for 2016!!!

[1] http://moodle.gvsig-training.com/course/index.php?categoryid=30
[2] http://moodle.gvsig-training.com/

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