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[osgeo-ph] I Cátedra gvSIG Contest. Works with free GIS

Mario Carrera-3

The aim of the Cátedra gvSIG is to create a meeting point for users
interested in free space technologies. In order to foment an environment
of shared knowledge and participating in the dissemination of free
geomatics, the chair organizes this international contest to encourage
all gvSIG users and free Geographic Information Systems users to share
and give visibility to their work.

Students and graduates in high school, professional training and
university, as well as university professors and researchers from all
countries can participate in this contest.

To enter to the competition you must meet the following requirements:
Works must be done with free Geographic Information Systems and the
subject of the work may address any area of knowledge.

Works may have been made in 2015 or before, the papers may be presented
collectively and individually and jobs may be sent in Spanish, Valencian
or English.

In the event the work is based on a new development done through free
and open source GIS geospatial technologies, these papers must be
subjected to GNU / GPL v3 license.

Among the selected works a prize of 500 euros will be awarded for each
of the following categories:

     1. Work produced by students of highschool or professional training
     2. Final University’s Project (Bachelor, Degree or Master)
     3. Doctoral thesis or research paper.

Submissions should be sent to [hidden email] no later than November 1, 2015.

Selected documents will be published in the repository of the Miguel
Hernández University.

The jury will evaluate the methodology, clarity and innovative nature of
the work, assessing as well the relevance and applicability of the
research. Winners will be announced in the next International gvSIG
Conference [1].

For more information visit the contest page of the Chair (in Spanish
[2]) or contact gvSIG ([hidden email]) via email.

[1] http://jornadas.gvsig.org
[2] http://gvsig.edu.umh.es

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