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maning sambale
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From: Jody Garnett <[hidden email]>
Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 6:52 PM
Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] uDig 1.3.0 Released
To: Open Source Geospatial Foundation <[hidden email]>


The uDig Community is pleased to announce the release of uDig 1.3.0.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoTools 8.0-M4. Thanks to
Andrea Amie and Gabriel Roldan for support, encouragement and timely
bug fixes.

This point release includes significant usability improvements and new
functionality - thanks to the hard work of Levi Putna and Paul

For more information on User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS please
check out the uDig Overview.


Download the package appropriate to your platform, unzip and run:

uDig download page (with archives for Windows, Mac and Linux)
udig-1.3.0 Release Notes
Issue Tracker Change Log


This release features some great usability improvements with a new
tool palette and easy to access tool options.

Here are some new features you can look forward to:

Area of Interest support - define your area of interest based on CRS,
current screen or a bookmark
Filter the Table view using the current area of interest - a great way
to focus on what is on screen
Updated Info and Profile tool for raster data
Teradata support
Spatial Toolbox view allowing access to OMS3 processing; with tutorial!
New import and export formats: CSV and KML.
Check out What is new page for details

Usability Improvements

New Tool Palette with easy to use Tool Options for quick access to
preferences (blog)
New "cheatsheet" help system offering guide assistance to new users (blog)
Control Tool interaction with your layers with the ability to mark
background layers

Additional documentation:

Updated Walkthrough 1 and Walkthrough 2 for the new Tool Palette and
Tool Options
Extensive update to online help including uDig Overview
New step by step Introduction to Spatial Toolbox
Reorganisation of the Tasks section with step by step instructions for
using new features

For developers:

Access to the latest GeoTools 8.0-M4 release
Access to the latest JTS 1.12
Access to the latest ImageIO-EXT 1.1.2
Fork me on github
Works with Eclipse 3.7

Discuss mailing list
[hidden email]

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