[osgeo-ph] Final PhilGEOS 2012 FOSS4G workshop reminders

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[osgeo-ph] Final PhilGEOS 2012 FOSS4G workshop reminders

maning sambale
Dear everyone,

We are all set for the FOSS4G workshops this Thursday.  The workshop
schedule is available in the wiki [0].

@Jojene, can we update the philgeos page [1] to reflect the final program?

If you have any special requirements for your workshop, please advise
now and will see if we can accommodate them.
See you all Thursday!

[0] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Philippines/philgeos2012#Workshops
[1] http://philgeos2012.wordpress.com/pre-symposium-workshops/topics/

And now for the exhibit booth preps.

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