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[osgeo-ph] ESSC is looking for geospatial tech crew and others

maning sambale
Dear friends,

[apologies for cross-posting]

We are looking for a new tech crews for our office.  Interested
applicants may send their resume with cover letter to
[hidden email].
Other job openings here: http://essc.org.ph/content/blogcategory/30/63/



The Geomatics Associate is responsible for the Institute's geomatics
related activities that will support it's programs and projects within
the Geomatics Manila Unit.

Main Responsibilities
1. Perform processing and management of all GIS/RS project related activities.
2. Manage, maintain and archive geospatial data collection of the unit.
3. Develop cartographic output in various formats (printed, digital).
4. Coordinate all project related geospatial activities to Project
Managers and Partner Institutions.
5. Develop process and technical documentation of GIS/RS activities.

Qualifications, Experience and Personal Qualities:
Education and experience
1. Bachelor of Science in Geography, Computer Science or Engineering
or a Master's Degree in Geomatics/GIS/RS and/or other related field.
2. At least 3 years experience as a Geomatics
Associate/Analyst/Specialist specifically in the areas of natural
resources management, participatory GIS, disaster risk reduction.
3. Proficient with basic computer operations and maintenance using MS
Windows, GNU/Linux and/or Mac operating systems).

GIS Skills
1. Knowledgeable with the basic cartographic and visual design principles.
2. Knowledgeable with the theories and principles of Geographic
Information System and Remote Sensing such as data
acquisition/collection; data processing; image interpretation and
classification; accuracy assessment; and data analysis.
3. Proficient with the use and analysis of various GIS data (raster &
vector) & remote sensing data platforms (LANDSAT TM, SPOT, aerial
photography and digital elevation models).
4. Proficient with the use of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) for
data acquisition and verification.
5. Proficient with the use of proprietary and open source geospatial
applications, preferably:
    - Desktop - GDAL/OGR, GRASS GIS, Quantum GIS, ArcGIS, ENVI;
    - Webmapping Services - Geoserver, MapServer, Openlayers, Leaflet;
    - Database - PostGIS, Spatialite.
6. Familiar with at least one (1) programming or scripting language
(i.e. Shell, Python, etc.)
7. Detail oriented.

Project Management Skills
1. Proficient in various research tools and methodologies.
2. Excellent communication and writing skills.
3. Excellent ability to work in a team both in leadership and facilitative role.



The Web Designer is responsible for the design, layout and coding of
the Institute’s websites. He/she will be involved with the technical
and graphical aspects of the websites.

Main Responsibilities
1. Re-design the overall look of the websites;
2. Provide technical and creative services such as overall design of
the website, programming,
migration and subscription mechanism;
3. Rewrite the programming code of the existing websites;
4. Work closely with the Editorial Team for the design and content;
5. Provide training to on website, subscription management,
troubleshooting and problem solving.

Qualifications, Experience and Personal Qualities:
1. Must possess at least 2 years experience of professional web design
/ graphic arts experience
2. Knowledge in software programming and web development particularly
in Wordpress, MySQL
and PHP applications.
3. Knowledge in widget customization.
4. Must have creativity and imagination
5. Ability to work independently and in a team environment

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