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[osgeo-ph] 2nd National Remote Sensing and Geosciences Conference 2013

maning sambale

The Philippine Remote Sensing Society will be having its 2nd National
Conference on May 30-31, 2013.  We intend to organize a pre-conference
workshop related to open source remote sensing.  If you want to
participate or help in the event, let us know.

Full information below:


The Philippine Remote Sensing Society invites members to the upcoming
2nd National Remote Sensing and Geosciences Conference 2013, to be
held at UP Diliman on May 30-31, 2013. The society is calling for
papers for the said event and for inclusion to the Philippine Remote
Sensing Journal. The theme of the event is “Harnessing Remote Sensing
for Philippine Development and Resilience”.

The following is the schedule prior to the actual event:

    Jan. 1 2013 - Call for Papers, first call.
    February 1 - Call for Abstracts
    Feb. 1 to 15 - Registration for the 2nd NRSC, Early Bird Registration
    Feb. 16 onwards - Regular Registration
    March 1 - Deadline for Submission of Abstracts
    March 15 - Notice of Acceptance of Papers by the Program Committee
    April 15 - Deadline of Submission of Paper for inclusion in
Proceedings; After the 2nd Conference, papers would be selected for
inclusion in the Philippine RS Journal

Here are the scheduled week-long activities during the Conference:

    May 27-29 - Pre-Conference Workshop / Training / Summer School
with funding to be from LIDAR Project (Project 5 of the Nationwide
DREAM Program)
    Exhibit opening (To showcase RS technologies / products by private
firms, display of posters of papers/abstracts, etc.)
    Pre-Conference Trainings/Workshops – training can be hosted by the
DREAM Program
    2nd National Remote Sensing and Geosciences Conference itself


More info here:

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