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open urban project - Mediawiki programming help needed


Dear all,


I am working as a contractor on the m aping part of a new project, OpenUrban, which is a crowd sourced map and forum focusing on urban development. The site is using Semantic Mediawiki as a framework. As part of the development we will be extending some Mediawiki mapping extensions to include a more robust map editor. We are looking for an additional programmer (on very short notice) who has experience with Mediawiki ( i.e. more expertise in Mediawiki than me) and ideally also Semantic Mediawiki as well as web mapping (OpenLayers, etc.). However the mapping part is what I am proficient in so no worries if that is not your main expertise, main point is that we need someone with good Mediawiki experience.


Coding tasks would include:

* Working hand in hand with me on inserting an existing OpenLayers Map editor into the Semantic Maps Extension (We want to avoid making an entirely new editor).

* Extract the semantic spatial data from each wiki page, assembling it in one place, and render it on a global slippy map through the Mediawiki Map extension (We are open to rendering other ways, but would like to keep everything within Mediawiki).


* Main focus is on the code (PHP , JS + Ajax) to insert the spatial data into the mediawiki database (Mysql) in a “Mediawiki” compatible way for store and retrieval …


Notes: The work on this needs to be started ASAP, that means e.g. middle of next week and has a very limited budget (thus only do apply if you are charging  less than 100$ / hour ;)  )


If interested please contact me by email

Karsten Vennemann


Terra GIS Ltd

Seattle, WA 98112



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