ol3 and react js / flux?

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ol3 and react js / flux?

I'm looking at creating an application using react js[1] and writing an open layers 3 react component.  Obviously they can live side-by-side, but I was wondering about the handling vector data, and the various flux[2] or flux like [3] workflows.

I've found a couple leaflet examples, working with data, but no open layers examples.  So as I'll rather not find this out the hard way my question is:

Is there anything inherent differences between leaflet and openlayers that means leaflet is a better match for react?


Michael Stoner

[1] http://facebook.github.io/react/ 
[2] http://facebook.github.io/flux/
[3] http://www.christianalfoni.com/articles/2015_04_26_Handling-complex-state-with-Baobab