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Doug Brooks-2
                            GRASS DIRECTORY

This GRASS Directory is a partial list of GRASS people and their
email addresses.  It is provided as a service for you to quickly
look up email addresses of individuals who are in the "GRASS community".

This directory is mailed to this list on a monthly basis.  If you
wish to be added, deleted or have your information changed, please send
your request to:  [hidden email] or by phone at
(217) 373-6752.

Doug Brooks

NAME                                   EMAIL ADDRESS
Barbehenn, Jacinda                     [hidden email]
Univ. of Illinois

Barry Baker                            [hidden email]

Brooks, Doug                           [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Buehler, Kurt                          [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Chohfi, Reinaldo E.                    [hidden email]
Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Copas, Conn                            [hidden email]
Loughborough University of Technology

Deer-Ascough, Lois Ann                 [hidden email]
USDA Agricultural Research Service

Dudley, Graham                         [hidden email]
Univ. of Waterloo

Escowitz, Ed                           [hidden email]
U.S. Geological Survey

Evenden, Jerry                         [hidden email]
U.S. Geological Survey

Farley, Jim                            [hidden email]
Univ. of Arkansas

Fukuhara,  Paul H.                     [hidden email]
USDA Soil Conservation Service

GALARRAGA-SANCHEZ, Remigio             [hidden email]
Univ. of Arizona

Gardels, Kenn                          [hidden email]
Univ. of California at Berkeley

Gerdes, Dave                           [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Goran, Bill                            [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Gottheil, Jerry                        [hidden email]
Xerox Engineering Systems

Greaney, Margaret                      [hidden email]
Argonne National Lab

Harmon, Victoria                       ahvch%alaska.bitnet
National Park Service

Hinthorne, Jim                         [hidden email]
Central Washington Univ.

Limp, Fred                             [hidden email]
Univ. of Arkansas

McCauley, Darrell                      [hidden email]
Purdue University

McClanahan, Pat                        [hidden email]
National Park Service

McPherron, Alan                        [hidden email]
Univ. of Pittsburgh

Madry, Scott                           [hidden email]
Rutgers Univ.

Majerus, Kim                           [hidden email],
Univ. of Illinois

Martin, Mary                           [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Messersmith, Jean                      [hidden email]
Purdue Univ.
Munier, Bernd                          [hidden email]
Roskilde Univ. / Denmark

Parks, John                            [hidden email]
Univ. of Arkansas

Plesha, Joe                            [hidden email]
U.S. Geological Survey

Rao, Madhu                             [hidden email]
Bridgewater State College

Records, Melissa                       [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Schmidt, Barb                          [hidden email]

Schylberg, Lars                        [hidden email]
National Land Survey of Sweden

Shapiro, Michael                       [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Skelly, Chris       [hidden email]
Macquarie University

Srinivasan, Raghavan                   [hidden email]
Texas A&M Univ.

Sydelko, Pam                           [hidden email]
Argonne Lab

Towne, Nancy                           [hidden email]

Tweddale, Scott                        [hidden email]
Univ. of Illinois

van de Rijt, Carlo                     [hidden email]
Univ. of Nijmegen

Westervelt, Jim                        [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL

Wood, Jo                               [hidden email]
Univ. of Leicester, UK

Zhuang, Hong                           [hidden email]
U.S. Army CERL