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new release canidate available

Andreas Poth

second release candidate for deegree 2.4 is available. A few bugs has
been fixed, catalogueManager now create INSPIRE compliant metadatasets and documentation has been completed

In download section on you find pre-configured demos for:

- - deegree Web Map Service (WMS)
- - deegree Web Feature Service(WFS)
- - deegree Web Coverage Service (WCS)
- - deegree Catalogue Service (CSW)
- - deegree Web Terrain Service (WTS) / Web Perspective View Service (WPVS)
- - deegree Web Processing Service (WPS)
- - deegree iGeoPortal (standard edition)

Online demos for direct testing are available at
Here you also find a demo for deegree catalogueManager that will be available for download soon.

If you download the demos or find any problems with the online demos
please inform us about is. Best way to do this is using bugtracker at

best regards


Dr. Andreas Poth

l a t / l o n  GmbH
Aennchenstrasse 19            53177 Bonn, Germany
phone ++49 +228 18496-0       fax ++49 +228 18496-29

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